AC Solutions Drive Line, Modular and expandable up to 2,900 HP. Fieldbus capabilities including Ethernet IP and DeviceNet for quick connectivity to your Allen Bradley Solution. AC Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control and High Performance Servo Control. Programmable with a FREE Commissioning software tool available for download. Quick retrofits from existing Unidrive Classic UD-70 coprocessor to UnidriveSP SM-Applications Plus
Commader SK
Unidrive Sp
Digitax ST
Replacing out of production, un-repairable, an down right unreliable equipment suh as the Spindax, Digitax and Commander CDE is a sound business decision! When one of the components fail, you will spend weeks tracking down the replacement. The OEM doesn't repair them anymore and the Schematics have not been made available for 3rd party repair. We can retrofit the drives or get you the equipment to do your self.

Now would be a good time to start thinking about it. Getting the parameters out of these drives while they are running makes the retrofit much simpler.

However, If its to late for that, give us a call we specialize in replacing these types of drives with newer, more reliable products.
Commander CDE
Digitax DBE
SM Option Modules allow expansion to the Control Techniques drive line, whether it be expanding I/O or high speed, high bandwidth fieldbus communications. The SM-Applications family allows for coordinated motion and quick solution development using the IEC 61131(IEEE 1131) programming standard. Standard with a high speed peer-to-peer network for centralized or distributed control by expanding I/O to remote locations using the BK7200 buss coupler. We offer assistance in program and retrofits from previous version of this product or integration in new applications.
SM Modules
Commissioning software from the manufacture is available for download free of charge to assist you in troubleshooting, commissioning, or archival of your system software. At those prices, there is no excuse to get caught without a back-up if your system should fail.

Allow us to back-up your files! We will keep your software safe and in multiple locations. Should the need arise, your systems future is but a phone call away.
We offer custom software as well, You choose the language your comfortable supporting, and we will write the core code or complete the entire project from start-up to production sign off.

We have written applications using everything from the complicated VCPP all the way to maintaining code from the 70's in such antiquated languages at Intel 8032 BASIC and  FORTRAN.

No language is to complex to support, modify or convert.
Custom Software Solutions
Software Packages
Unidrive M
Unidrive M is designed specifically for Manufacturing Automation applications which is Control Techniques’ traditional area of expertise. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within Manufacturing Automation, taking customer choice to new heights. Unidrive M is evolving the future of Manufacturing Automation with the latest drive technology which includes over 30 patents pending; a global achievement combining Control Techniques’ worldwide Engineering & Design resource and product testing processes.
SI-Applications Plus (Unidrive SP Sypt option) - An SM-Applications Plus compatible module, which allows existing SYPTPro application programs to be re-compiled for Unidrive M700

MCi200 - System integration module that provides a second processor, allowing advanced machine control using industry standard CODESYS programming environment

MCi210 - System integration module that provides a second processor, allowing advanced machine control using industry standard CODESYS programming environment. Also it has additional memory and a dual port switched Ethernet interface directly on the CODESYS processor, extending machinery control performance and enables the M700 and M800 to have simultaneous connectivity to 2 separate Ethernet networks.
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