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Whether your application is a center driven speed, CTCW (Calculated Torque Center Wind) or a surface drum winder with a tapered torque assist, we have the solution for your needs. Our software package allows us to quickly get your machine running after the initial retrofit had been completed. Some of our application success stories in this field include winders with surface speed up to 3600 FPM as well as tension regulation as low as .1 oz/in. We are one of the few companies in the world with the know how to do differential winding without the need for a diameter sensor as well as turreted flying splice retrofits of the Egan Enveloping Splice Winders produced in the mid 80's and 90's.
A swaying erattic dancer is the cause of many lay issues and is the result of poor tuning or an overly aggresive PID loop at the Dancer control. The end result is poor web tracking and poor quality finished rolls, which can lead to problems on other equipment such as slitting and finish converting machinery. When a danver moves it is overcoming the torque applies at the dancer arm this results is poor tension regulation. The last several seconds of this video shows how a properly tuned Dancer control should respond to tension disruptions. If your dancer looks like the first several seconds, it is not functioning correctly
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