What you've got in your cabinet is just as much a mystery to ABB as it is to you. They could retrofit it with
the latest and greatest drive product they have, which will be a Baldor Motion Controller with an ABB Drive
, or they will dump it off on some integrator they just signed on, giving the "New Guy" a little project to cut his teeth on, meanwhile your plant is down. Your explaining to him how your Binder/Gatherer used to run and he's arguing with you on how he thinks it should run, ON YOUR NICKEL!!!. Who care's what he thinks, you want your Binder to run the way it used to. In times like these you need to focus on the good times you had with your Binder/Gatherer.

If this scenario sound familiar, it is because it's the same story we hear when we are cleaning up a mess somebody else made. We have the solution to this problem. The Sierra Automation Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package is the definitive solution to your needs. It was not engineered on the fly! It's not a box of parts that somebody told you to
purchase. It is not a rewired control enclosure with wire nuts and butt splices. It's not a pallet full of unusable junk
with an RMA tag on it reminding you that your Binder used to make magazines and now it's not worth the paper it
used to bind.

With the Sierra Automation Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package, you unwire your old drive, unbolt it from the back
panel and discard it into the box the Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package came in! Bolt the
new prewired panel, replace the wires into the pre-mounted, pre-wired and pre-labeled terminal blocks. Power up
and run. We know the motor data, We know how the Binder/Gatherer responds to load. No tuning, no fumbling on
the internet to find the manual for the drive, then only to find out that it is not the right manual. JUST RUN!!!!!
Now that we have established what it's not, lets talk about what it is. The Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer
Upgrade Package is a drop in solution to replace your current drives on the Heidelberg / Goss International UB124 . You get a box full of parts that's for sure. But those parts are mounted and wired to a panel with mounting holes that
line up perfectly with the existing ABB ACS/P 601 Drive hole pattern. The only problem you may have is finding
longer bolts but thatís unlikely as the back panel is barely thicker than the original ABB hanger mount.
The manual for the Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package is in terms that actually refer to your equipment, with only the things you need to know about your system. Do you have a pressure transducer on your Binder? What you say? NO! Then why would you spend hours sifting through the manual on how to set up one? We only explain portions of the drive that are actually being used. Cutting the learning curve for you down significantly.

The pre located terminal blocks on the panel are labeled with your existing wire numbers, not some obscure irrelevant new ones. The original prints will not need to be marked up because Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package comes with NEW prints in hard copy as well as PDF form for you to add to you print folder.
Should the odd instance occur that you need to modify the existing parameters. Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer Upgrade Package comes with software that is easy used to modify parameters such as inverting digital inputs or scaling analog outputs to your upstream equipment. A small scale oscilloscope is provided in case there is a need to troubleshoot the line after commissioning.
If you are not comfortable with performing the installation and startup, we have the personnel to complete it for you.
Our rates are reasonable, our personnel are professional and they clean up after themselves. With the exception of
your Binder running again, you wonít know that we were there. Part of our post commissioning is training for your
plant personnel so there will be someone on site that does know what we installed. Included in the final
documentation will be a list of drive parameters for future reference.
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The Sierra Automation LLC Binder/Gatherer Retrofit Package is a product that exceed the standards set by the origial OEM team that designed the UB124 Binder/Gatherer and blows other retrofit packages out of the water, at farction of the cost
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